what does the bar symbol mean on a slot machine

That system was abandoned in favour of a common North American scheme.
Chi-squared distribution for multinomial experiments and contingency tables.Professional wet cleaning Gentle wet cleaning Very gentle wet cleaning Do not wet clean lotto samstag 4 2 2o17 References edit External links edit.Standard symbols for these care labels differ by region._file The full path and filename of the file.Or what about the moon icon, or the two interlinking circles?H1 or Ha alternative hypothesis.Laundry care symbols with instructions in Japanese.Defined here in Chapter.3, washing symbol, wash at or below 30C (USA, 1 dot, ).Hand wash Do not wash Bleaching edit An empty triangle (formerly lettered Cl) allows the bleaching with chlorine or non-chlorine bleach.X sigma-sub-x-bar; see SEM above.Roman Letters b y intercept of a line.R linear correlation coefficient of a sample.(The TI-83 uses a and some statistics books use.) M or Med median of a sample.As a column heading, x means a series of data values.Since PHP.0.2, _file_ always contains an absolute path with symlinks resolved whereas in older versions it contained relative path under some circumstances.Wash at or below 60C (USA, 4 dots, ).A milder than specified treatment is always acceptable.The four symbols shown indicate that the garment must not be washed in water, must not be bleached, may be ironed only with a protective pressing cloth, and must be dry cleaned.This directory name does not have a trailing slash unless it is the root directory.
SD (or.d.) standard deviation.

X (lower-case x ) one data value (raw score).
R rho coefficient of linear correlation p p-hat p proportion z   t   (n/a) calculated test statistic and can take subscripts to show what you are taking the mean or standard deviation.