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Fig 1 Population skyline of New York - Census SF1 P0010001 and Bing Road Map Demographic Terrain My last blog post, Demographic Landscapes, described leveraging new sfcgal PostGIS 3D functions to display 3D extruded polygons with X3Dom.
Tiles could combine a 3D vector mesh with a 2D value array to reduce size of multiple demographic tile pyramids.The collapsed layer control icon never opened for iPhone or Kindle Fire.ArcRotate rotates a target pivot using mouse and cursor keys Free first person shooter camera Touch includes touch gesture events for camera control WebVRFree dual eye images for VR head set devices WebVRFreeCamera is suited for use in Google Cardboard headsets.It was even conceivable that they watched everybody all of the time.Adding elevation does show demographic values in finer detail than the coarse classification used by a thematic color range.The map action is exactly the same as Bing Maps ajax v7 API.return; Fig 4 Territory Total for P0040003 Latino Origin Map: Quantile population classifier Census Block Groups on Bing Map Summary TigerWeb offers some useful data access.WMS was fine for the technical folks and enterprise focus on proprietary assets, but it just didnt scale into the internet consumer realm.This wont require an app store submission or their requisite fees.Mostak intends to take the system open source sometime in the next year.Once tessellated the immediate mode graphic pipeline can navigate at up to 60fps.
Some MVC controller magic: function GetCensusFeature(e) var x geX - map.offset.left; var y geY - map.offset.top; var FeatureUrl url: app.
IE11 x3dom logs show this error: error: WebGL version WebGL.94 lacks important WebGL/glsl features needed for shadows, special vertex attribute types, etc!