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In the municipal amalgamations of klippon pok 1 1976, Chicoutimi annexed the neighbouring towns of Chicoutimi-Nord and Rivière-du-Moulin.Education edit See also: Université du Québec à Chicoutimi and Cégep de Chicoutimi International relations edit See also: List of sister cities in Canada Twin towns Sister cities edit Chicoutimi is twinned with: Notable people edit According to the website of the Phoenix Coyotes,.Métis poke ninja bot timber contractor who built a sawmill there in 1842.1, contents, history edit, old Chicoutimi Pulp Mill, an early 20th-century industrial complex in operation from 1898 to 1930.The town was designated in 1855 as the seat of Chicoutimi County and the seat of the.Its two major physical features are the Saguenay Graben, a rift valley of the Laurentian Highlands in which the city spreads, and the Saguenay Fjord, the glacier-carved steep shores of the Saguenay River.New centers of education and culture were established: in 1967, the Conservatoire de musique de Saguenay ; and in 1969, the Université du Québec à Chicoutimi.During the summer of 1996, a record rainfall in the region caused major flooding in the downtown, as well as outlying areas.Mount Valin at 3,215 feet (980 metres) is the tallest mountain of the region, and overlooks Chicoutimi 30 kilometres (19 miles) north-east.It is the geographical centre of the city of Saguenay ; the Jonquière and La Baie boroughs adjoin on the west and east sides.The arrival of the Canadian National Railway in 1893 stimulated the growth of Chicoutimi's pulp and paper industries, particularly mechanical pulp production.The Chicoutimi, Du Moulin and Valin rivers all empty in the Saguenay river in Chicoutimi.The total cost of the disaster was recorded.5 billion Canadian dollars.The name, chicoutimi means the end of the deep water in the, innu language.The first are the city councillors elected from single-member districts and the mayor elected at-large for the city of Saguenay.Professional hockey players from Chicoutimi edit This section is empty.Face, circushoffman, VarUniiX, DJSpectrum.

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Geography and cityscape edit Chicoutimi is located in SaguenayLac-Saint-Jean region on the western end of the Saguenay Fjord ; most of the borough, including the downtown section, is on the south shore of the Saguenay River.
The city of Chicoutimi was officially incorporated in 1845 as a municipality by Peter McLeod,.