resident evil revelations 2 bonus episodes review

Players get to see a softer side of the gruff Barry Burton, especially in examining his relationship with his foul-mouthed daughter, Moira.
Episode 3: Judgement sees Claire and Moira get closer to the truth of the island as Barry and Natalia get closer to finding Alex and what happened to Moira.In 2015, brainless shamblers are merely heads to be popped, and in this episode at least, youll pop them easily.The retail version of the game also includes Raid Mode, a point-A-to-point-B shooter that makes for a fun diversion when a break is needed from all the twists and turns, and two bonus mini-episodes that shed more light on the plot.Considering how the Resident Evil series has evolved over the years, its barely worth pointing out that Revelations 2 sits more comfortably in the gung-ho action genre than in the one labelled survival horror, and I do recommend you play through the campaign on the.While it curiously under-delivers on imagination where locations and enemies are concerned, Episode 1: Penal Colony marks the start of a confident action-horror story which contains enough pulp to leave me eager for the next three episodes.They could definitely be pulled off a bit better, but for a such a strange new foray for the crew over at Capcom, I cant help but congratulate them for at least moving in the right direction.Revelations 2, making for smooth combat sequences.At times, the pace slows down considerably to focus on puzzle-solving.Claire's sidekick, Moira, starts off less pleasant, with the younger Burton about as helpful as a dead cell phone when your car breaks down.Code provided by publisher.It's a good game that potentially could have been great had Capcom just given it a bit more time or a bit more direction.Shambling in the right direction, by, lucy O'Brien.Players will often find themselves pondering how to solve a puzzle or recover an item, when suddenly doors fly open and zombies make themselves known.Revelations 2 's gameplay and controls are smooth; anyone comfortable with the control scheme of recent.Despite the inconsistency in design, I hope they learn from and expand on the ideas hammered out in this game within future.Co-op seems to be a much bigger focus as well in the new episode.Review based on Xbox One version.Resident Evil legend Barry Burton, to her first day at TerraSave.Overall the game feels like a step in the right direction in the series, as it seems to be a hybrid of older gameplay and new systems.Resident Evil series out of its own misery.Overall, though, Resident Evil Revelations 2 suffers from the same disjointed quality that initially makes it look appealing.
For instance, in one area, Barry and Moira must move a generator from one end of a canyon to the other using conveyer belts and placing it properly to throw switches and climb ladders to out of reach areas.
The game starts out with promise: fan-favorite Claire Redfield welcomes newcomer Moira Burton, daughter.

Fortunately, the Raid minigame is once again a highlight, played either solo or in split-screen co-op.
The new episode added some more gauntlets as well as two new characters.
The combat, again, sometimes felt welcome, as in the first episode's jarring switches between puzzlers and shoot-outs, and sometimes felt like it was stuck in for no reason other than depleting your ammo.