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Theres no turning back into Traverse Cave for now, unless you faint.
Not much to say here hes tough.
I look like a Luxray?The Professor arrived at Palisade three evenings ago.Masuda himself has recognized me as a crazed Electric type lover, greets me as such in person whenever we meet, which is weirdly often.Hell tell you one or two things about how they work.It damages all Pokémon except the Ice type.Youre entering sacred ground.He will give you TM28 DIG, a very useful move to have in this area.Dont worry if you forgot to heal your team is healthy.Melissa: I dont know, Jason.You cant escape me, Player!The target is scared off, and a different Pokémon is dragged out.My mother is waiting for you in the lab.I wont be as easy.The Nomad accepts the flute, but then turns around to reveal itself as Melissa.Speak to the lady mammoth poker 2018 schedule on the left for an Unfit Bike!Its the one everyones talking about!Pokemon and he will give you the blue orb.You cannot access this at the moment as the leader is conversing with Kaylene somewhere.Youre technically still in Fracca City, but this ends shortly.When you reach another decline, take the right path momentarily to obtain an Elixir.I am delighted to serve the Fighting realm of Suliqu.
Enter the opened doorway and pathfind around the left of the train wreckage.

The Nomad will be proud.
Serenity Town Head over to your house, but as soon as you arrive, you realise that she has disappeared.
Exit towards Fracca City.