Its as quiet as a funeral home accept half a million men lay dead.
While you and WE bring back the birds and the bees. .
Or to the sound of a million Iraqi American screams.Faintly and in the background of it all.Undoing all they have done, simply.On the terrace lookin' down on the squirrels and gophers.Like old Granny and Grand-daddy.Occupy 1st Verse: Why are we running from the cops.They dont give a dame about you, its all about the dough.3rd Verse: Tonally totally controlling emotion.Earth worship will get us out of this, Abrahamic mess.Trans-genetic contamination, tip top spielhalle würzburg its a GE Alfalfa invasion. .Chorus: Verse 3: Ill fight like a lion with the heart of a bear.Solders are pons with guns and no faces.
Things is bad no need to go numb, because here it comes, here come good-time Charlie.
He toe up (and I don't give a damn).