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It was all strange, mystifying, and extremely dumb in the best of ways - you'll see that even the actors agree.
"Angel episode date: November.
"Totino's with Kristen Stewart" Episode date: February 4 The best part about this year's Super Bowl?
"Kellyanne Conway" Episode date: January 21 "And when the world goes up in flames, at least for now they knew my name." This near shot-for-shot play on Chicago 's "Roxie with McKinnon prancing around as Trump's truth-massaging consigliere, mercilessly satirized its target in show-stopping fashion.I just have a full water bottle, a charger, a couple fidget spinners and earbuds to lotto sportbekleidung deutschland keep it a little heavy while I dance.Find him on Twitter @srkfitzgerald.It says "Ending racism" and "I can't dance." Are those responses to commenters?Well, we share your curiosity.The show's opening, deal Or No Deal parody brought out Alec Baldwin's Donald Trump to poke fun at everything from the government shutdown.Her inspired take on Jeff Sessions - replete with Gump-isms in this cold open - merits special appreciation."Couples Game Night" Episode date: May 6 What's supposed to be a simple guess-this-theme game quickly evolves into an impressive, surprisingly destructive homage to Stephen Sondheim and Kelsey Grammer.Why do you like to wear a bag that's a little heavy?Maisel is a few years away from being famous enough to host."Welcome to Hell" Episode date: December 2 Following October's dam-breaking Harvey Weinstein news, several powerful men in virtually every industry were outed as habitual predators.The song is an unfortunate acknowledgement of the fact that while the new year always offers a promise of change and renewal, more often than not the problems that exist at the end of one year bleed into the other, as evidenced by the song's.Saturday Night Live on, in addition to delighting.S.
Scarlett Johansson, Mikey Day, Leslie Jones, and Kenan Thompson took the idea to the next level in this long, but deliciously goofy behind-the-scenes parody.