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(Edit i've noticed that the particle effect meant to appear when a thrown egg collides with a surface doesn't appear as well.
I have done my best to incorporate all of the original game's features, along with a few iconic bugs (most notably MissingNo M and item duplication).Generally, the entire pack comprises of the x16 resolution that helps in eliminating any fps drops.The smoke particles from fires come to mind.Welcome to the, minecraft Resource Packs category.BY Filmjolk / Version.13,.12,.11,.10 more / Last updated 15 September 2018, 3:26.This way you can find the most fitting Resource Pack for you even faster and easier.Moreover, we make sure all downloads are pillars healing bonus safe and only review the best Resource Packs.Since you asked about seeing what users of the pack have made using it, I decided to go through the trouble of throwing together an Imgur album of some of the stuff I've built!As someone who does art though, I completely understand why finding said motivation can be difficult.Absolutely love the new Guardian texture!Minimum render distance - 16 chunks; Optimal render distance - 24 chunks; If you are exploring the command blocks, increasing your render distance will reduce lag.You can make your world look gothic, modern, medieval, and many more.Based on the WIP version of the texture pack, work does seem to be getting along slowly, provided you're still working on it, but least the promise of a potential update gives me hope!OptiFine will help you make the texture pack look even more aesthetic, at the same time it will help the texture pack become compatible with Minecraft.There are now texture packs available for Minecraft.14 which are sure to make the game even better and add more hours to your saved game.Having looked into the textures, that's because the way the texture is laid out in the file has changed, so it's really just a matter of shuffling them around to the right places.This is because faithful resource packs simply make the game look better while staying faithful to Minecraft's vanilla version.Generally, this pack is uniquely designed in order to assist the player with the gameplay.I just wanted to make this account so I could let you know that I'm glad you've decided to at least give it a try!Im working on a texture pack that looks like pokefind pokewars!
Sincerely, a lover of the A'therys texture pack.
We always recommend that you use OptiFine together with a Texture Pack.