#019 Mustache Morty Type : dunkirk bonus disk Scissors Evolution : Mustache Morty - Beard Morty - Hipster Morty Height : 5'2" Weight : 110.3 lbs Characteristics : Coffee Drinker, Perfumed Description : This Morty will take any opportunity to display his fine facial hair and slot machine gratis spielen elephant has even.
#009 Evil Rabbit Morty Type : Scissors Evolution : Rabbit Morty - Evil Rabbit Morty Height : 5'4" Weight : 130.2 lbs Characteristics : Like evil and lettuce Description : This Morty is an evil Cosplayer from a dimension where Halloween is held 340 days.
He lied on his exam paper and didn't finish his vegetables when slot casino games 50 lions he said he had.
Health is one thing, but if you're out of AP, then you might as well give.To keep you coming back for more, there's a 24 hour cool down between each battle unless you spend Blips and Chitz tickets.#032 Exo-Omega Morty Type : Scissors Evolution : Exo-Alpha Morty - Evo-Omega Morty - Exo-Prime Morty Height : 5'5" Weight : 146.6 lbs Characteristics : Alien, Bluer, Pessimistic Description : This mutated Morty has earned the respect of his peers and is learning to live.#016 Self Defense Morty Type : Rock Evolution : Self Defense Morty - Karate Morty - No Mercy Morty Height : 5'2" Weight : 110.2 lbs Characteristics : Uncomfortable, Shy Description : This Morty used to get beaten up every day on his way.In a few battles, the other trainer doubles up on types (like two scissors Mortys).His Rick is actually in an inter-dimensional game of hide and seek.#027 Orange Shirt Morty Type : Paper Evolution : N/A (Unsure) Height : 5'2" Weight : 110.2 lbs Characteristics : Orange is his thing Description : This Morty wears a shirt that makes him look like a carrot to distant rabbits that may be looking.Battle 1: Level 10 Peace Morty (Paper level 10 Mustache Morty (Scissors level 11 Scruffy Morty (Rock).It is unknown if his software has malfunctioned or if he really does contain the mind of a real Morty.#059 Magic Morty Type : Rock Evolution : Magic Morty - Mystic Morty - Wizard Morty Height : 5'2" Weight : 112.5 lbs Characteristics : Available for birthday parties Description : This Morty is deceitful.I recommend using this guide whenever you need to figure out what Morty to use when you switch Mortys out, because you will not be told what the "type" of your enemy's Morty.Level 12 Moon Morty (Rock level 13 Old Morty (Paper dance Of The Morty.One of the easiest ways to level up the egg is to use Level Up Mega Seeds which you can craft using a recipe ( you can view the full list of recipes for.He hopes to one day be a great singer.He dreams of one day leaving this life behind and living in the country with a cow named Daisy.
He believes the leaves will cleanse the mistakes of his past.

If you aren't careful, you can end up in a death spiral where you are trying to switch out every turn and just keep getting smashed along the way instead of doling out any attacks in return.
#058 Skeleton Morty Type : Scissors Evolution : Veiny Morty - No Skin Morty - Skeleton Morty Height : 5'2" Weight :.9 lbs Characteristics : Bony, Shiny, Musical Description : Morty asked his Rick for help with his Halloween costume but has regretted.
#079 Cronenberg Morty Type : N/A Evolution : N/A Height : 7'6" Weight : 343.7 lbs Characteristics : Messed up Description : This Morty is from that episode of Rick and Morty where everyone done gets straight Cronenberged up broh.