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All told, I bought two cartons of Lantus (5 pens each carton) for 52 each, which is about a year supply for.
Subcutaneous Suspension human recombinant 100 units/mL Novolin N subcutaneous suspension from 152.26 for 10 milliliters.
Just a week before the wo am besten online roulette spielen trip, I was down to my very last vial of Humalog.With those good vibes buzzing in the summer air, we set out on our taco crawl, and I checked every pharmacy I saw.I said in what I thought was pretty good Spanish at the first pharmacy I saw in Tijuana, Mexico.I had driven there from Los Angeles for the day with no less than 9 friends and friends-of-friends, all LA residents, all free for the day on a Monday in June, because thats typical of people.It was those vials that were serving as my backup insulin a week later when I found myself in that pharmacy in Tijuana.At home, that white box with purple markings costs me 693.40 before my deductible.At this point, I thought I might either cry or throw up, though which one I couldnt be sure.Even after adding in a tank and a half of gas, I saved thousands of dollars by buying my life-saving medications in Mexico, instead of the.I called my pharmacy and asked to fill a single vial of Humalog, and the cost was 248.13.I had started the year low on supplies (a rookie mistake that I now know to avoid) and had been juggling bills from Dexcom, my doctors office, and my pump supplier for months, trying to only use our health savings account but often having to pull.The pharmacist answered my question in perfect English, Yes, you need insulin.
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