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Hat Link ein Los erstanden, dreht sich der Schalter um seine eigene Achse und ein anderer Schalter kommt zum Vorschein.
Trivia In the demo version of the game, the Lottery Shop was called "Lottery Tickets." 7 By using the first person view in a specific angle, a mask can be seen behind the storefront after buying a ticket.Want to lotto bayern losnummer prüfen contribute on music related pages?It is manned by the.Inside, Link can buy a ticket with three numbers he selects for.Die, lotterie ist ein kleiner Laden in, west-Unruh-Stadt." Lottery Shop Attendant ( Majora's Mask ) " Your lottery ticket is good only through tonight." Lottery Shop Attendant ( Majora's Mask ) " Pick any three numbers, and if those are picked, you'll win 50 Rupees.Rubine ein Los zu kaufen, welches einen Tag lang gültig ist.Hierbei muss eine dreistellige Zahl angegeben werden." Lottery Shop Attendant ( Majora's Mask ) "It's easy to see how this was changed.Hier können Lotterielose gekauft und Preise gewonnen werden.
Lottery Shop Attendant, who is a person listed in the.
Song of Time." Thus, Link can cheat by learning the numbers of all three days and then going back in time to use those same numbers to win the lottery.