To fill in the details.
Does he fill all our requirements?Fill up the petrol tank, please.To put something in a hole (in a tooth etc ) to stop.To fill a cupboard with books; The news filled him with joy.To complete (forms, application etc ) by putting in the information required.She had several cups of coffee at the cafeteria to fill in the time until the train left.Puede presentar esta receta en cualquier farmacia para obtener el medicamento Any pharmacist can fill this prescription for you.Cualquier farmacéutico puede surtirle su medicamento de acuerdo con esta receta; to out ( shakes and fidget hütchenspieler 1 gold setzen a form, etc.Vi adv ( person, face ) ingrassare, ingrassarsi ; ( sail ) gonfiarsi fill.Pastry case, roll fourrer to fill sth with sth fourrer qch de qch people street envahir ; room, hall emplir to fill a room with sth light, sound remplir une pièce de qch page remplir time, life remplir hole remplir ; tooth, cavity in tooth.) llenar, rellenar, completar, cumplimentar ( Esp ) ( un formulario, etc.His eyes filled with tears.To add or put in (whatever is needed to make something complete).Material used to fill cracks in a wall etc.Vi to fill (with) riempirsi (di or con).N to eat/drink one's fill mangiare / bere a sazietà to have one's fill of sth ( fig ) averne le tasche piene di qc fill.Plnit splnit zaplombovat dosyta naplnit fylde opfylde plombere det füllen stopfen zu Genüge erfüllen, fülle llenar llenarse ocupar rellenar satisfacer täyttä täyttö lotto eck weimar tarpeeeksi täyte remplir répondre à boucher combler compléter puniti betöm megtelik tölt fylla fylla ; setja fyllingar í fyllast fylli uppfylla riempire riempirsi.To give (someone) all the necessary information.Have you filled in your tax form yet?A tool or instrument used for filling something, especially for conveying liquid into a bottle.
The dentist filled two of my teeth yesterday.