Regular Walker: This is also a very basic enemy.
Destroying Enemies: If you manage to fill an area of the board that contains an enemy, it will explode, helping make the rest of the level easier for you to fill.Smart Walker: This little caterpillar walks very slowly around the level.Hvis du proven bingo strategies undrer dig over noget, har spørgsmål, eller bare gerne vil prale med hvor godt du spillede, så vær ikke bange for at kommenter på spillet.quot; is the amount of the level that you have to fill before being allowed to advance to the next.Sweepers: Grabbing the sweeper will extend 2 beams of light from the shooter.That means you have to fill 85 of the level before going to the next one.Version Changes: Version.0 - Initial release.And of course, dont forget the multiplier power-up, which will increase your scoring even more!Enemies cannot cross this beam, and are pushed away from.Spin Roller: This floating enemy travels very slow bing qr code at first, but it starts spinning at an alarming rate!Missile: Getting this one attaches a missile to your shooter.
Cannon Walker: This slow walker has a devious trick up its sleeve too!
PC System Requirements: Windows 95,98,ME, 2000, XP Intel Pentium 2, 3, 4 running at 333 MHz or faster- or any AMD K6, Athlon or Duron.