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Like the Ubisoft Store editions above, this GameStop-exclusive has all the same Gold Edition digital goodies, plus its own set of physical collectibles: Physical content: Steelbook Case Premium Packaging Hope County Koozie Hope County Postcards Resistance Statue Hope County Bandana and Logo Pins Digital content.
Explosive pack: a package of additional consumables with 4x dynamite, 4x C4, texas holdem mögliche hände 4x grenades and 4x proximity mines.Which content exactly is missing?Additional consumables, price: 70, the, deluxe Edition of Far Cry 5 deluxe Edition Far Cry 5 (UK) includes the game, plus the Deluxe Pack, which contains the following digital items: BIG game hunter pack: Big Game Hunter Compound Bow, the Big Game Hunter ATV, and.It contains the following physical and digital items.If the items are missing in-game, please check if you may need to download and install them manually.It includes the same Gold Edition digital goodies, and some of the same physical goodies as well (the steelbook, map, etc.).17.7 inches wide - numbered 1 to 6000) A double-sided tourist map of Hope County featuring point of interest and key locations The Original Soundtrack of the Game Digital content: Season Pass MBP Sniper Rifle BIG game hunter pack: Big Game Hunter Compound Bow, the.Double check if you entered your codes in the right place: Pre-order, season Pass, Deluxe Pack and other content packs.You'll be getting everything that you would get in the Gold Edition of the game as well as the following physical content: Steelbook case, premium collector's box with exclusive Seed Family art.This page is about to take you through each of the different editions of Far Cry 5 as well as where you should pre order to get which pre order bonus.Price: 180, far Cry 5 Hope County Edition.Price: 200 Far Cry 5 Resistance Edition on PS4 Far Cry 5 Resistance Edition on Xbox One That's all the various editions available to pre order right now, though keep your eyes peeled for more Ubisoft magic the closer we get to launch.
If you're paying attention, you'll see the digital goodies match the Gold Edition, so for your 70 extra you're paying for the figurine, soundtrack, and other physical extras: Physical content: Steelbook Case A Premium Collectors Box with exclusive arts of the Seed Family The exclusive.
Pre-order Far Cry 5 Steelbook Gold Edtion on PS4.