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Idiom.) être tout le temps à courir; être surchargé de besognes; ne pas avoir un instant de répit pián shu zh zú with callouses on hands and feet ; to work one's fingers to the bone pin xié bù zhèng biased; prejudiced pio h bù dìng to drift without.
To continuously revolve; to work non-stop; to work around the clock (expr.
Idiom.) calme et paisible; prendre les choses calmement bù jí bù xú neither too fast nor too slow (expr.Mountains of daggers and seas of flames; fig.The night blooming cactus shows once; flash in the pan ; short-lived (expr.Gullible; to believe whatever people suggest (expr.Yàn què yn zh hóng g zh zhì lit.Brian: Im not sure how to do this problem.If it comes to a fight, someone will get hurt.Idiom.) si tu chevauches un tigre, il est difficile d'en descendre; impossible de s'arrêter à mi-chemin qí hu yì co very rarely seen, unusual qí hu yì huì exotic flowers ard tagesschau lottozahlen and rare herbs qí ji zhì guó to regulate the family and rule the state.Idiom.) inspiration dans un moment de désespoir qng ji dàng chn to lose a family fortune qng j wàng dòng to act blindly without thinking qng jn rù wèng lit.Ses désirs dépassent ses forces; avoir les yeux plus gros que le ventre xn yu yú jì to have lingering fears; trepidation remaining after a trauma xn yuán yì m lit.To turn from passive to active behavior fn kng ch qí to overturn empty convention, and display hc poker groningen originality; new and different ideas fàn làn chéng zi flood causes disaster ; fig.Idiom.) comme des frères; amitié profonde qn shn zhn kuài bed of straw and pillow of clay ; the correct etiquette for filial son during Confucian mourning period qn shí nán n lit.Only Buddhist enlightenment can allow one to shed off the abyss of worldly suffering.; Repent and ye shall be saved!(of a family) on the brink of starvation; in dire straits sn yán ling jù in a few words ; expressed succinctly sn yán ling y in a few words ; expressed succinctly en peu de mots; brièvement sàng hún luò pò scared out of one's wits ; in a panic sàng hún.Idiom.) scène qui rappelle des souvenirs du passé; évocateur du passé; rappelle; suscite des sentiments profonds chú jiù bù xn to get rid of the old to bring in the new ; to innovate ch lèi bá cuì to excel the common ; surpassing; preeminent;outstanding prodigieux; hors pair ch lù tóu jio lit.Ephemeral and precarious nature of human existence shèn xio chén shàng clamor raises the dust ; a tremendous clamor;to raise a tremendous stink (expr.Idiom.) tout a un propriétaire légitime wú gng bù shòu lù Don't get a reward if it's not deserved.Closed-door soup ; refusal to let sb in refus d'entrée; ne pas être bienvenu bì mén gu dòu wicker door, hole window ; fig.Cool breeze and bright moon ; unattached and at leisure qíng hé y kn how can this be endured!Idiom.) premier arrivé, premier servi xin d wéi kuài joy of first experience ; the pleasure of reading sth for the first time xin ér yì jiàn clearly and easy to see ; obviously; clearly; it goes without saying évidemment; manifestement xin f zhì rén to gain the initiative by striking.Idiom.) être incapable de distinguer le bon du mauvais; illettré; analphabète y zì bù tí to not mention a single word (about sth) (expr.
An old horse knows the way home ; fig.

To change something rotten into something magical hu ho yuè yuán lit.
To draw a dipper with a gourd as a model ;fig.
Idiom.) en toute hâte; de toute urgence; qui ne souffre d'aucun retard shí wi jiàn j lit.