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Antwerp In which play 5 dragons slot online free constellation are the stars Bellatrix and Betelgeuse?
Eight How many pints in three quarts?
Halley's Comet What can be the name of a hat and a member of a cricket team?
December In which month is the Spring Bank Holiday?Earth In the song 'I Believe what happens for every drop of rain that falls?Skeldale House In which Ian Fleming novel did James Bond first appear?Man Ray How were Roger McGough, Mike McGear and John Gorman collectively known?March In which month is the first day of spring?Atlantic In which of Dickens's novels does Sam Weller appear?Mooring definition glücksspiel österreich rope In Scotland what is or was a tawse?Taiwan By what name is Jim Moir better known?Hercules Name the New York baseball player who married Marilyn Monroe?Prunes What are Gary Barlow, Howard Donald, Jason Orange and Mark Owen better known as?Carbon Cold meat and cold potatoes can produce what dish?Two How many hearts does an octopus have?Bakelite What did Lister use to improve the hygiene of surgical operations?Hispano Suiza After seven which is the next highest prime number?Last week I mentioned dreaming up a unique zipper bag while laying in bed too sick to sew. .Japan In which county is Windsor Castle?Paraguay Of which country is Baffin Island a part?Diamond The Suez Canal connects the Red slotpark ücretsiz indir Sea with which other Sea?Ghost Hunter illusion, n45HT, pacmanCorp.

Belgrade Until which year were mules part of the British army?
Nine In darts, what is the lowest score from three different trebles?
Wall Street On which track at Pennsylvania Station did the Chattanonnga Choo Choo leave?