France, region provencale, 5 centimes 1921 thin letter, scalloped, aluminum, 23mm,.4b.
Germany, NÜrnberg, Nürnberg-Fürth streetcar, 20 pfennig ND, vestner TOR, octagonal, aluminum, 24mm, U4-1 Unc.
1890s-1910s, walled city, societe royale D'horticulture D'agriculture anvers around, all in wreath under radiant manipulation casino automaten star / blank oval field in wreath, bronze, 46mm, by Baetes, edge nicks,.Korea, south, US military,.A.C.NCO open mess / same, tin plated brass, 21mm, C-KR1760a.Germany, jeton, 1576 male female busts facing each other, resident evil revelations 2 bonus episodes review lenhardt nierenberger ALT 61 * froniga nierenbergerin ALT 43 1576 / blank, lead, 54mm, I assume cast from a mould made from an original struck medal.France, medal, 1900 Paris mint, foundry workers, ÆRE argento auro flando feriundo,.Hardy / acquitted BY HIS jury.Germany, ohrdruf POW camp, 1 pfennig iron,.5mm, C4586a.France 5 / 5, ornamented border of arcs dots, brass, 21mm, C-FR300e scratch, light spots,.Germany, meissen, boy grapes, white porcelain, 22mm, U6-14 flaw,.Germany, jeton, ND (1836 Nuremberg, helmeted female bust R, minerva custos urbis / trai ectum PER DUO saecula musis sacrum in wreath, brass, 22mm,.06g, bicentennial of Utrecht university,.octagonal, iron, 20mm, U1-6 cl.Camara, copper-nickel, 18mm, R-Yuc145, Grove 1420, XF-AU.Germany, hamborn, 50 pfennig ND, octagonal, 24mm, U2-1 spots,.China, PRC, fake dollars, 5 mixed the modern kind that look like silver if you don't know better.Germany, westphalia, 1roste-Hüllshoff / horse, bronze, 26mm, U2-18, cl.Germany, MÜnsteow camp, 50 pfennig ND zinc, 24mm, C4549 spot,.
cafetal SAN francisco / mariano ruiz 2 reales SAN agustin, copper, 26mm, R-Usu30, Ulloa-R9.4, bits of corrosion,.