The winner of the giochi slot gratis book of ra deluxe round is the player with the lowest card total (not necessarily the player who called "Yaniv they become the dealer and the starting player for the next round.
Up to eight people can comfortably play Yaniv together; however, as the player count increases, the pace of the game slows.
The cards that can be picked up are: The top card in the Draw pile.In this case the Jacks score 0 points while the Queens and Kings score 10 each.Win conditions edit Instead of playing until all players but one is eliminated, some games may end as soon as a player crosses the point limit.It theoretically can happen that the last two (or more) players in the game are eliminated at the same time, as a result of a wrong call.The rest are placed in a stack face down (the deck) in the center of all the players.In Nepal, it is usual to eliminate players when their score reaches more than 100 points (with exactly 100 you are still in the game) and there are no score reductions when particular numbers are reached.Reports from the Marshall Islands suggest that Yaniv is called just Marshall, or Matityahu by Israelis playing in the Marshall e game is rapidly gaining popularity in North America, where the name is generally spelled "Yanif.".If the dealer should deal extra cards, each player may choose which card to dispose of on to the draw pile.An exception is when one of the cards in a series is a joker - in this case if the next player has the exact card the joker stands for, the player can take the joker and throw that card instead.A open source Windows version of Yaniv is available from Daniel Evans' sourceforge project.It is said to be best for 2-5 but in theory up to 8 or more people could play, though with a large number of players the game would be very slow.In some variants the objective is to score points fewer than 5, or fewer than the number of cards dealt.
2 Ending the game edit When a player's point total (the sum of the totals for each round) crosses a set threshold (usually 200 that player is eliminated from the game.

A certain limit is set.
The object is to achieve the lowest score.