How do I correct this?
Skip to content, support » Plugin: WordPress Importer » Import WordPress failed, i have narrowed my question above.Second, in File Manager I changed the permission of wp-content and the new uploads folder to 777.Unable to create directory Is its parent directory writable by the server?Found workable solution: 1) Created an uploads folder in wp-content folder, via Control Panel.Bingo, all worked smooth and fast.When I upload media individually, I get a similar error message.And it didnt work.To conclude: I got my importer to work, finally, first by creating an uploads folder, manually, in wp-content the WP install did not automatically create an uploads folder for some reason.I wrote it again, didnt work, and wrote wp-content/uploads/ with a concluding slash and that didnt work.Third, on a friends advice, once all was tested, I returned the permissions of these two folders to 755.Now I could import a WordPress blog then individual media files as I could on other WP sites/.Changing the permission of wp-content to 777 is ill-advised.2) Still an unable to create director error so I changed the default 755 permission to 777.I used Control Panel-File Manager to create the folder.At this level I have uploaded individual images.The default folder already is wp-content/uploads, without a slash before wp-content, as was suggested in other thread topics.My old hosting service used the public_html directory my new hosting service does not.Simply give each child a copy of this bingo word list (you can also.Bingo, all worked smooth and fast.At this level I have uploaded individual images.2: Pants Macabre Munchkin beißt!
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