Even, linkedIn Answers and, facebook Questions are jumping onto the Q A bandwagon (many people already use the social media site.
It provides directions and estimated times of arrival for automobile, pedestrian, and public transportation navigation.
While Google Bing are great free tools for finding massive amounts of raw information, sites like Quora and Focus have become the free search engines for Knowledge and the popularity of these Q A sites is indicating both a shift in the relative value.Check for Old TLS version, another possible reason is that the TLS version running on the web server is old. .Some of these include the TLS handshake, the certificate being checked against the certificate authority, and decryption of the certificate.If others like your answer, they can, in a crowd-sourced manner, vote up your answer.Other Dead Search Engines Some of these dead search engines still have their names and may still be accessible on the Web; but their original indexes have probably been replaced.Other Alternative Search Engines A list of what else is out there in the non-Google world.To clear the SSL state in Chrome on Windows, follow these steps: Click the Google Chrome Settings icon (Settings) icon, and then click Settings.These are Question and Answer sites.Ask Network:.6 percent, heaven casino no deposit bonus aOL:.9 percent, these numbers are nowhere as extensive as Googles, but it does show that people are using other search engines.HOW does content OF value equate TO commoditized knowledge?Can you leverage this same information to improve your own offerings?Then click on the security tab and click on View certificate.As SSL Labs states, a mismatch can be a number of things such as: The site does not use SSL, but shares an IP address with some other site that does.The issued domain will show in the certificate information.Conclusion Google may be the king of the search engine industry, but that doesnt mean other companies are rolling over and giving.Wikipedias definition for a, commoditization is much simpler, but equally telling: Commoditization occurs as a goods or services market loses differentiation across its supply base, often by the diffusion of the intellectual capital necessary to acquire or produce it efficiently.Google and, yahoo-Bing ).Another easy way to check the current domain name issue on the certificate is to open up Chrome DevTools on the site.Since 1998, the Big G has been leading this industry.The site no longer exists, yet the domain still points to the old IP address, where some other site is now hosted.
There is a lot of competition in this space, with all the major players looking to make up ground.
Yes, the knowledge was there, but you had to dig (often deep) to get.