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Additional use cases include collocations and pronunciation.
This adds the Microsoft Bing Translator to your services.
Google Translate - The Google Translate API is now in its second version.
Over the next few months, the service will move to join Microsoft's.You can find client ID and Secret (or register a new one) at: / m/developer/applications/ / / The client ID of your application / The client secret or password / public string GetBingAuthToken(string clientId null, string clientSecret null) string authBaseUrl t/v2/OAuth2-13 ;.For the redirect url provide any https url: m works, give this application a description of your choice so you can identify it in the list of apps.For low volume operations you can probably get away with simply calling the auth API for every translation you.Merriam-Webster Dictionary, track this API - Merriam-Webster has been producing language information including dictionaries, thesauri, and translation materials for over 150 years.In my case I'm using this inside of a Web application and in that situation I simply need to re-authenticate every time as there's no convenient way to manage the lifetime of the auth cookie.Max translations are 1000 characters so at minimum this means you get around 2000 translations a month for free.Figure 3 - Request Formats Used in Translation APIs.I couldn't find a direct link from anywhere on the site back to this page where I can examine my developer application keys.These two APIs live slot zumtobel on different domains, and the authentication API returns json data while the translator service returns XML.Figure 4 - Response Formats Used in Translation APIs.Provide your name, the client secret was auto-created and this becomes your 'password'.Microsoft has not at this time said if there will be any introductory or free tier for low volume users.Here's what the simple Translate API call looks like: / / Uses the Bing API service to perform translation / Bing can translate up to 1000 characters.More info on setup: / m/weblog/ / / Text to translate / Two letter culture name / Two letter culture name / Pass an access token retrieved with GetBingAuthToken.