Two-stage preventive medical examinations were launched.
The Health Ministrys 46 higher educational institutions, which turn out 32,000 doctors and pharmacists a year, including 26,000 whose training bingo centar tuzla zara is subsidised by the state, form the core of the medical education system.It is necessary to make broader use of distance and online education.Fourth, the quality of medical aid directly depends on the qualification of doctors and nurses, who must continuously upgrade their skills.I would like to once again focus on the absolute priority of providing convenient primary zmedical-sanitary assistance and neighbourhood healthcare.In 2012, 71 medical institutions were built and almost 2,500 underwent online casino bonus 2014 major repairs.It includes leading experts from various areas of medical science.All institutions should spare no effort to provide prompt treatment to people.The Strategy for the Provision of Medicines to the Public up to 2025, which was drafted in 2012, aims to systematise current elements of the pharmaceutical market regulation system in order to fully meet the public demand for medicines.Ladies and gentlemen, one of the main goals is to increase lifespan.We should consolidate our efforts to eliminate the old habits and the stereotypical behavior of medical workers, with the help of positive changes that are taking place due to an increase in medical workers poker slot machines free online salaries and the introduction of additional measures of social support and.Several craters about 20 kilometers (12 miles) in diameter are visible, but it appears to be less cratered than its nearby neighbors.This year almost all restrictions on annual medical exams by category of person, age and health status have been lifted.Cooperation with charity organisations is expanding.Therefore the technical-equipment levels of state healthcare institutions rose by 60 on 2011, that is, from 7,700 roubles per square metre to 12,900 roubles.The decision to come back to a specialised Ministry of Healthcare by separating it from the larger social protection body was enthusiastically welcomed by the medical community, healthcare officials, university and scientific communities, and fostered new expectations and hope among the population.Im addressing heads of regional healthcare organisations it is necessary to put things in order and pay what is due before the end of May.It is important to see all the advantages and shortages and consider them in drafting a programme of state guarantees for free medical aid in 2014.".

It will take between five and seven years to deal with the shortage of nurses if the constituent entities of the Russian Federation, which control medical schools and colleges, increase the key enrolment figures by 50 to 90,000 a year, as it was 20 years.
Under these circumstances, we will not be able to harmonise the composition of doctors before 2018, given the same amounts of training at universities and an increase in the percentage of internship and residency training.
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