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To summarize, we will continue to kto wygrał w lotto w zduńskiej woli develop the XBox, parallel creating additional business value Microsoft.
You can focus on a smaller number of processes with a more focused and measurable results.
Such things as the creation of the game spark your imagination.In Microsoft we re-focus on the re-incarnation of platforms to improve efficiency.There will be new skills.Microsoft will provide digital opportunities for work and life in the personal, intelligent, open and inspiring way.While many are now determined by the mobility of devices, Microsoft defines mobility possible.Our own devices to enhance digital work and life.Data from this tool, which can be found in the.I look forward to when our team of engineers to do the things in which our customers love.For example, now Cortana application on my Windows Phone phone is receiving data from sensors on the highway and combines them with the calendar in my calendar to remind me to leave work at a moment that I had to get my daughter to the.In the future, Cortana will turn into even more of a personal assistant who can take notes, appointments and understand, whether my question about the weather today, the choice of clothing, or it refers to the more complex task of planning a family vacation.Outside of the server-side cloud infrastructure, our cloud will also open more opportunities for employees.We reinvented the technology productivity, allowing every person and every company to do more and achieve more.We will continue to promote and develop tools to improve the efficiency of teams and organizations, such as Skype, OneDrive, OneNote, Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Bing and Dynamics.
We focus entirely on building technology for "double" use ( for work and personal life i - approx.