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I have been spamming my resumes all over, going for interviews to find a job Id like. .
But when I went down, nothing at all.The barrel is really thin so shooting past 200-250 may be a problem as it may not be accurate enough.Mullan Schwartz I have just get a job here in Singapore with Goldman Sachs but secured my position through a Hong Kong based search firm called Mullan Schwartz.The staff also went through the contract with me in detail and was very patient with all sorts of questions that i asked (i still didnt trust them 100 though) and they are very transparent in terms of how the money will be process, submission.Before the interview, he asked me down to his office to prep me for the interview and gave me more info of the hiring managers, which i found very useful.Damage per Second, iP, instant Poison, loS.Alright I wanna let you guys know that im now currently working at RE whoever knows it, I have to admit that i might not be competent enough to do this job.Useless in most boss fights.Seal Fate Dagger 30-16-5 Seal Fate Sword 30-21-0 Naxx Progress Special Seal Fate Sword 30-21-0 Alliance Sidenote: Imp.In 20 man or lesser raids, you can check on your group setup.Yes their consultants are quite professional.At 100yards we here getting pretty small groups well under and inch all 3 shots were in top of each other.The way the agent talk is like take it or leave.Met a female rather plump consultant who colluded with the client and paid me lesser than required.Went to their office to sign the LOA and they told lotto 100 000 me to do some xray before i start my job. .They have to understand that it is important not to waste candidates time.
Blade Flurry, biS, best in Slot,.