As I said before, it booking com bonuses can be worn year-round, with it aiming more towards the warmer weather.
Age type: Any and all, occasion: All ocassions, season: All, though a bit lacking in the winter.
Versatility:.5 out of 10, compliments:.5 out of 10, overall: 8 out.
It is very versatile and unique, but if you are looking for consistent compliments then there are better, cheaper colognes.Personally, I am not a fan of the opening; it is not a horrible opening, but the dry-down is the game changer.As usual (without getting too heavy into the notes Aventus opens up quick with a woody, pineapple/apple breath of freshness with a slight woody note.Scent:.5 out of 10, performance: 8 out of 10, projection: 8 out.(Its little brother Pineapple Vintage Intense i actually get far more compliments on, but that's another review for another time.).Blind buy worthy: No, final remarks: It is a great fragrance in it's own regard and if you are looking for a signature scent.By the end of the day, my review is to help those who are on the edge of buying this cologne and dropping what amounts to some peoples' entire weekly check.Some may dislike that because Aventus is supposed to be more of a fresh fragrance, but Aventus is more than just one classification, in my opinion.If you want to try Aventus, buy Aventus - if even just a sample vial.Some days I can get compliments from it, and some days I get little to none.Though, it is not a fragrance I recommend you to buy without sampling first and/or having money set aside that could be put to better use.You can try to buy as many clones as you wish, but by the end of the day if you know your fragrances then you will not find a real clone to Aventus.Following-up quickly where this can be used I would say anywhere from the office to a night-out to daily-wear to God knows pretty much anything but while working out - but why are you so pompous wearing cologne while working out anyway?Until that time comes, while Aventus is A king in it's own regard, its price and lack of total command will not gain the title "THE king" from me just yet.If I had to say where I got the majority of my compliments from Aventus, it is from men.I figured I would hammer out Creed Aventus before going after its little brother PVI and the cheap but not forgotten cdni.Lastly, I can argue any age group or type of person can wear this cologne, less perhaps a 10-year old unless you want him to smell like a god among 2nd graders.