After that event one of the slots blitz NPCs will take you to the beetle nest where you will fight Abiri, the Beetle Queen.
The basic 1 agony infusion is dropped from the final chest of each fractal but can be also brought on the Trading Post.
For the first two detections you can use the dialogue options to avoid an incident.
Misc Achievements Honorary Olmakhan 5 AP, The Hunter title There are five Prestige hunting targets you need to kill in The Hunting Grounds area.If you have 10 of such relic, you can purchase an Ascended ring at the Golem Merchant BUY-437 inside Fractal of the Mists hub.WvW players can purchase the same rings at their WvW laurel vendor for 25 laurels 250 Badges of Honor each.Once you grab the skritt, hop on your springer and jump back.Regular infusions crafted in the Mystic Forge huk coburg 5 kombi bonus (agony resistance additional stat) Note: Eldritch Scoll is purchased from Miyani near the Mystic Forge in Lions Arch.First make sure you grab the console right at the beginning of the instance that tell you that the password is password.This might be an unintended change.There are now 2 methods to make Ascended backpieces.In some of the later rooms you will need to activate multiple green gear icons in rapid succession to remove the red screens that block your path.You will then need to interact with four rock piles for the achievement.This includes the small groups of Inquest on the first two floors as well as the entire room of Inquest on the 3rd floor.Upgrading ascended ring to infused ring The Wintersday update provided us with a method to upgrade from regular ring to infused ring in the mystic forge Infused ring 1 Shard of Crystallized Mists Essence 3 Glob of Coagulated Mists Essence 5 Vial of Condensed Mists.
Track Record 1 AP Complete both the Olmakhan Docks and the Inquest Facility race.
Here is a list of Ascended Accessories and their stat combinations.

You need to do this about 3-4 times to remove the 4 stacks of Extreme Protection on the Exterminator Golem.
Method 1 Grind, ascended Version (Prototype Fractal Capacitor) : This method makes the Ascended version of the Prototype Fractal Capacitor, which has no glow.